I have worked with numerous individuals, companies and non-profit organisations throughout Europe, the Middle East, North America, Asia and Africa.


Recently I have worked on and with the creative potential of:

Abbot, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Belgacom; Calefax; Copaco; deMENSEN; DHL, ENEL; FUJIFILM; Great Place to Work, MSD; Heerema Sealife; ING; Rabofarm; Roche; SDU; SINIAT; SOVAK; UBISOFT; Vopak Agencies; WELLA; Yask; Zorgbalans Haarlem; Amsterdam Medical Centre; ANWB; the Dutch Filmfund; Royal Dutch Dental Organization; Regional Council for Schiphol; Pension fund Catering industry; Trivire; Zinnergy Enschede; the Dutch Ministeries of Education, Internal affairs and Economic affairs, Flemish Ministery of CJSM; Dutch Vehicle Licensing Authority; Province of South-Holland; Drenthe; municipalities of Amsterdam; Eindhoven; Paris; Rome; Rotterdam; Safety region Brabant South-east; University of Utrecht; Wageningen University; Tilburg University; Fontys Hogeschool; the Shipping- and Transport College Rotterdam; Koning Willem I College, Marnix Academie; Essenzo Business School; Alfa College; Stella Maris.

Impression of some projects that I have delivered

Out of Office Inspiration 2018

October 30, 2018 

Have you ever done a ‘bike and hike’ to re-imagine your future? Walking and nature are excellent accelerators of creative thinking. Participants from the conference “Out of Office Inspiration” now know how well that works.

They have discovered the amazingly beautiful and versatile landscape of Texel’s southwest tip. Observing the scenic dunes and the vast beach worked as a metaphor to come up with ideas. They experienced how the diversity in environment helps to go through the four steps of the creative process. The immersion in the landscape has given them ideas to realize their vision of the future.

From wish to the first two ‘tiny steps’ in three hours. Sometimes Out of the Office just works better.

Fava Mi Su in the court yard of the Hermitage

Bean up your personal leadership

July 20, 2018

What do a bean and a so-called wonderwalk have to do with the professional development of Floating Office’s facilitators for the coming year

Well… Everything!

The Floaters, a network of facilitators of the city of Amsterdam, closed the season on July 18 with a last monthly meeting before the summer holidays. Summer break is a perfect moment to investigate the status of your growth.

They drew on nature as an inspiration source, by delving into the way in which plants grow. Plants always grow thitherward where they can best catch the light. The degree of growth and amount of harvest depends at the same time also from how a plant is rooted.

The manner in which plants grow has been used as a metaphor to visualize how they have rooted professionally by what they’ve done and achieved in the past season. And moreover: where they’d like to prune and how they’d like to continue to grow. 

During a so-called wonderwalk in the courtyard of the Hermitage they have picked up inspiration to think up ideas about how their growth will look like. And developed the appealing ideas till a future sketch -an attractive horizon towards where they’d like to grow. From the sketch the participants distilled the first couple of steps to get started. And the cherry on the pie? A kind piece of advice to oneself. 

In a session of three hours the Floaters have done an inspiring check to boost their personal leadership with the creative mindset in which they become the bean and in which they have harvested together! 

Facilitation of Group Problem Solving

July 2 through July 6, 2018

As adjunct faculty member of the International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) I delivered a five days training program as part of ICSC’s Master program in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe.

This course is an investigation of aspects in cultivating creative behavior. It provides advanced supervised practice in the use of effective methods and techniques for nurturing creative problem solving. The course also examines difficulties encountered by facilitators in a variety of group settings. The intent of this course is to develop creative leaders who have expertise in facilitation.

More information about this course you’ll find on masterchangeskills.eu.

Dance with your dragons: Leading constructive change

April 24, 2018

At the 2018 CREA conference Liz Monroe-Cook and I delivered a one-day immersion program: an active introduction in how to enlarge and enhance your influence when dealing with change. Participants focused on themselves, on others and on the environment in order to create the dance floor for the “dance with dragons.”

The training was a highly valued learning experience. Here is how some participants reacted:

‘‘The Dance With Your Dragons training has touched me on a personal level. The training activated me to turn a weakness into an opportunity. After the training I felt kind of restless in a good way.  Compliments!’’
− Bas Antonis (STUDIO.WHY, the Netherlands)

‘‘Thoroughly enjoyed exploring how my dragons limit me and the freedom that polarity thinking and walking can bring.’’
− THINC-er in residence (REJIG, Ireland)

‘‘Liz and Branko gave us in a creative way guidance: the personal scores on the leadership polarities provide participants with tools to become a more aware dancer!”
− Elise Verberg (Bedrijfsmotivaties // Instant Sabbatical, the Netherlands)

‘‘To “Dance with Your Dragons” is to identify and positively manage the thought patterns and emotional habits which impact your ability to achieve desired results and to be effective as a leader.’’
− Anthony Hyatt (Moving Beauty, Maryland, U.S.)

‘‘The energetic duo Liz Monroe-Cook and Branko Broekman take participants on an inspiring journey through various creative methods. On the way you stop regularly to look at yourself and are challenged to read your own acting, emotions and experiences. In a relaxed atmosphere you work intensively towards an inspiring encounter with your own dragon.”
− Erik Koldewijn (ROC Twente, the Netherlands)