Creative leadership combines structuring the process to get to new solutions with attention for landing the solution. “Successful adoption of a new solution by the environment is a subtle interplay between the work environment, talent and solutions. I facilitate you to integrate the principles of creative thinking in your personal leaderships style. I help you to tap from this powerful source, so you’ll navigate flexibly through the wayward process of change. “The trick is to toggle between what you develop and how you structure the getting there.” Applying the creative mindset in change efforts has become second nature to me. I like to share my experience and insights with people who have the ambition to operate effectively in diffuse situations and put tangible solutions in place.

The training programs that I deliver are mostly in-company and often customized sessions. I also work with individuals as a coach and facilitator of change.

Think to break out

Sometimes we come across situations in which our knowledge and experience does not bring us a solution that works. Imagine that you could flexibly switch to a mindset that taps into your imagination to come up with new solutions. Wouldn’t that be great?

Do you want to experience the potential of the creative mindset?
Then you will benefit from a hands-on, interactive course to expand your flexibility to switch to a productive mindset whenever you get stuck in solving a situation, enhance your ability to think up new ideas and develop ideas to appealing solutions.

Facilitate to break out

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could always trace out what steps to follow to come up with a solution?  Imagine you’d be proficient in facilitating the process to solve a challenge in a variety of situations? An Expansion Work Out provides you with robust ways and tools to switch on one’s imagination when crafting solutions. Whether it’d be individually, in one-on-one situations or when you’d like to get to new solutions with a small group. 

Do you need to expand your ease to facilitate a productive thinking process whenever the situation calls for it?
You will gain greatly from attending an Expansion Work Out Levering the power of Productive Thinking.

Lead to break out

In our work we tend to lean on a mindset that draws from our knowledge and experience, which works well when changes are slight. The usual leadership style also tends to gear towards this mindset. An environment where change occurs rapidly creates another demand, though. It calls for a leadership style that could be described as creative leadership. This style encourages a mindset that engages a group to define novel solutions. A style that guides a group towards a direction that is new for them and that leans on creativity as a core leadership competence. 

Do you have the ambition to become an effective leader in the age of innovation?In that case a ‘lead to break out’ training program or coaching session might be interesting for you. 

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